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Truly Honored Ceremonies ~ Milestone Birthdays, Baby Naming, Adoption Celebrations, Home Blessings,  Retirement Parties.

Other Ceremonies Birthday Cake

Ceremonies give you an opportunity to pause and reflect amid a hectic life. They provide a sacred space to look around and really appreciate the people and places in your life. Ceremonies allow you to discover the heart meaning — emotional and spiritual —of the moments you will never have again. They strengthen ties and bring families and communities closer together.

Graduation in regalia

There are many life events that Truly Honored Ceremonies can help with including:

  • Milestone Birthdays

  • Baby Naming

  • Adoption Celebration

  • New Home Blessing

  • New Business Ribbon cutting

  • Family Reunion Program

  • Retirement Party

As with other types of ceremonies and rites of passage, when you contact Truly Honored Ceremonies, the process begins and a complimentary first meeting is scheduled. If you choose to proceed, there will be additional meetings, phone calls, and emails to create your personalized ceremony. Life event ceremonies can be completely secular, or they can include spiritual or faith-based elements. Perhaps you would like to include beautiful traditions borrowed from other cultures. You have the final say on everything in the script.

Once you approve, Dr. Barbara will be there to conduct your ceremony. These occasions can be warm, enriching moments filled with love and meaning. They may be the beginning of a beloved tradition. What would you like to celebrate? What life transition are you experiencing? Is there someone you want to honor with a remembrance or memorial?

Audrey 90th birthday 2022
Childrens party
Childs party with Dr Barbra
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